Around 11 o'clock in the morning, Martijn got a phone call. It was TV Rijnmond, with the question if they could have an interview with us later that day. Unfortunately Martijn was at his work that day. So this time I had to do the interview al alone. You can click on the picture to watch it back.


Tiny House tv Rijnmond



We ware just surfing over the internet and reading about Tiny Houses, when I found the website There are a lot of stories about Tiny Houses on Gizmag, really nice to read! But they also write about lifestyle, science, technology, transport of features. After a short contact they also made a article about our Tiny Home. You can click on the logo of Gizmag to find the article:





In the spring edition of the outdoor magazine 'SALT" there was a really big article about Tiny Houses. Unfortunately when they wrote this article we ware not jet that far with our build. So only the skeleton of our home in on the picture. Underneath a few pictures out the magazine:   






One and a half week ago we had a interview with people from the website: They made a really nice story. If you click on the logo you can read it.








Last week the local television came to film our home! By clicking on the picture you can watch it back:







This morning we ware life at the TV in the program "Koffietijd". It was only 3 minutes, but still really cool to have such a big film crew standing in your Tiny Home! Click on the picture to watch the movie back:  


tiny house bij Koffietijd






Last week Dianta came over for a short visit. We gave her a tour of our Tiny House. Dianta is a blogger, who writes about creative businesses. 


[Martijn & Irene] Een Tiny House als Upgrade