Links en sponsors




aqua-solar logo We ordered our solar system here. They were really helping us with choosing the richt system.



salaho logo This is were we ordered our trailer.



De graafschap logo For our building materials.



logo jan jp This company sells isolated roof plates. There service is great, they are quick with answering our questions. 



tiny nest logo A couple for Canada who is also building a Tiny House. They made a tutorial about Sketchup. You can buy it from there website. It helped us a lot with designing  our Tiny Home.




tiny house giant journey logo Tis house went around a lot of places in America. The couple who have build this place were a real inspiration for us.


woon pioniers logo (Jelte Glas) One of the first Tiny House builders in the Netherlands. Before the start of our build he gave us a lot of information.



ecosave logo This company sells composting toilets. We ordered our toilet here.